Agnes Cotton Elementary

Client: San Antonio ISD

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Type: New Construction/addition

Size: 43,064 GSF

As part of the 2010 $515 million Bond Program, LSA provided 43,064 square feet of additions and renovations to a two-story elementary school. The new building included 31 classrooms, colorful corridors and tiled restrooms, improved campus-wide security and access control features, as well as new IT, PA, and Audiovisual systems.

Additions to the North Wing included a new 6,392 SF cafeteria and industrial kitchen, a 730 square foot stage, a new Grand Music Room, art lab and teacher’s dining room. The 9,018 square foot admin wing addition included classrooms, principal and vice principal offices, counseling offices, teacher’s work center, faculty restrooms, a clinic with nurses station, conference and exam rooms on the first floor. The second floor consisted of classrooms and 2 Science labs.

Renovation of the South wing included upgrades to finishes, ceilings and carpet and IT and MEP systems in the library and computer lab, and renovations of classrooms and corridors. A stand-alone mechanical room & associated mechanical yard with 2 new chillers was also provided.